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General News

LSA and NRA ILA Honor Sen. Rick Ward

On Tuesday, July 29, the LSA and the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) hosted a dinner in honor of State Senator Rick Ward (Republican District 17). Sen. Ward supported Senate Bill 212, which allows for sportsmen to use lawfully-owned firearms and suppressors while hunting game in Louisiana.This bill was similar to a house version sponsored by Rep. Cameron Henry and signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal (Repulican). The dinner, hosted at Hunters Run Gun Club, was attended by NRA representatives, LSA officers and directors, and industry leaders from the American Suppressor Association, Lipseys, Red Jacket Firearms, and Precision Firearms.

LSA and NRA ILA Honor Rep. Cameron Henry

On Monday, July 28, the LSA and the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) hosted a dinner in honor of State Representative Cameron Henry (Republican District 82). Rep. Henry supported House Bill 186, which allows for sportsmen to use lawfully-owned firearms and suppressors while hunting game in Louisiana. The US is far behind the rest of the world when it comes to using suppressors when hunting game. There is a misconception, mainly propagated by Hollywood, that suppressed firearms are silent. In reality, the sound produced by a suppressed firearm brings noise down to a level that is safer for hearing protection. Study after study has demonstrated that there is no unfair advantage and game animals are not taken at a higher rate in the 32 states that allow the hunting of game with a suppressed firearm.

Louisiana Junior Air Rifle Team

Louisiana Juniors Leighton Dempster (standing in picture), Hayley Kunzli (kneeling left) and Laura Melancon (kneeling right) represented Louisiana at the CMP 3-Position Air Rifle and National 3-Position Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio. Also, this summer Laura has represented Louisiana at the USA Shooting National Championships at Fort Benning, GA and Daisy National Air Rifle Championships at Rogers, AR, where she brought home a silver medal in precision kneeling and a bronze medal in precision prone.

The LSA pays for part of the cost of travel and for Junior Team uniforms through proceeds from our Junior Shooting Fund. The LSA supports Junior Team Shooting through sales of raffle tickets for our annual M1 Garand drawing, which takes place on the third Saturday in October each year. There is still plenty of time to buy raffle tickets to support our junior shooters.

To purchase raffle tickets, look to the left of your screen and click on Newsletters. Download the latest edition of our newsletter, the LSA Quarterly, and print out the order form in the newsletter.

2014 Legislative Wrap-up

The 2014 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature concluded on June 3, with LSA members enjoying significant victories with the passage and enactment of pro-Second Amendment legislation along with defeat of all restrictive gun control measures. Your phone calls and e-mails made the difference throughout the legislative process!

Governor Bobby Jindal (R) has already signed the following LSA-supported bills into law, all of which will take effect on August 1:

House Bill 72, sponsored by state Representative Joe Lopinto (R-Metairie) and state Senator Bob Kostelka (R-Monroe), solves a conflict between the state concealed carry law and a separate criminal statute to clarify that concealed handgun permit holders may possess firearms in restaurants that serve alcohol. Louisiana will now join the 49 other states that allow some form of carry for personal protection in these establishments. It is important to note that the original language of the state concealed carry law specifically allowed for permit holders to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol.

House Bill 186/Senate Bill 212, sponsored by state Representative Cameron Henry (R-Metairie) and state Senator Rick Ward (R-Port Allen), will allow for the use of lawfully-owned suppressors while hunting game animals. Louisiana now joins the majority of other states which allow firearm sound suppressors to be used for taking game. Suppressors help prevent hearing loss, mitigate noise complaints and can increase accuracy for both experienced and novice hunters.

House Bill 1066, sponsored by state Representative Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City) and state Senator Neil Riser (R-Columbia), makes technical changes to the state's concealed carry law that should qualify Louisiana permit holders for an exemption from the NICS check when purchasing a firearm from a federal firearm licensed dealer. Carry permit holders in 21 other states -- including the neighboring states of Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas -- currently enjoy this exemption. Note: Although this law takes effect on August 1, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) must still review the statute changes and qualify the state for NICS alternative status.

House Bill 1112, sponsored by state Representative Sherman Mack (R-Livingston) and state Senator Dale Erdey (R-Livingston), creates a special prestige NRA license plate.

Early in the legislative session we reported on House Bill 272, sponsored by state Representative Alfred Williams (D-Baton Rouge). As introduced, this measure authorized any municipality or parish to institute “gun buyback programs” with no guarantee that taxpayer dollars would not be used to finance such events and a requirement that any firearms not kept by law enforcement be destroyed. Thanks to a House floor amendment by state Representative Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City), the use of taxpayer dollars will be prohibited for these events and law enforcement will be able to sell any firearms collected at public auction.

Also this session, significant anti-gun measures were defeated thanks in large part to heavy contact from gun owners and sportsmen in opposition to these misguided proposals. The LSA was very active in attending hearings on these bills and testified against bills when necessary.

House Bill 13, sponsored by state Representative Austin Badon (D-New Orleans), would have made it unlawful for a federal firearm licensed dealer to transfer a firearm without verifying that the purchaser had completed a firearms safety training course. This bill would have created a tax (the need to pay for training) and delayed the ability of one to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

House Bill 826, sponsored by state Representative Wesley Bishop (D-New Orleans), would have repealed the “no duty to retreat” portions of the state’s Castle Doctrine law. Representative Bishop withdrew the bill before it was considered by the committee after testing the temperature of the solidly pro-gun audience who attended the committee hearing.

House Bill 1189, sponsored by anti-gun state Representative Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport), would have made it a crime to intentionally expose children age ten and under to firearms that were not locked in a container or equipped with a locking device. This bill would have made it a crime to allow a child 10 or under to see a firearm, including lawfully owned and unloaded firearms. In addition, if a child were to see a police officer carrying his or her sidearm in the performance of his or her duty, that police officer would have committed a crime under this bill.

LSA Board of Directors

Each year, the Members of the LSA elect a Board of Directors consisting of 15 members and two Alternate Directors. Each Director is elected to a 3-year term and each Alternate Director is elected to a 1-year term.

Once the Board of Directors is chosen, the Directors then elect Officers of the Corporation from among the 15 Directors.

The 2014 Board of Directors (updated 16 February 2014)

President: Daniel E. Zelenka, II (term expires 2016)
Vice-President: John Laws (term expires 2016)
Secretary: Paul Prokop (term expires 2015)
Treasurer: Jay D. Hunt, III (term expires 2015)
Member-at-Large: George Petras (term expires 2017)

Mark Altazin (term expires 2016)
Paul Angrisano (term expires 2016)
Jim Biermann (term expires 2017)
Gordon Hutchinson (term expires 2017)
Ronald (Buck) Kliebert (term expires 2015)
Gerald E. (Jerry) Liuzza (term expires 2017)
Dan Plunkett (term expires 2017)
Ted Torres (term expires 2015)
Dwayne Vidrine (term expires 2015)
Chris Vinson (term expires 2016)

Alternate Directors
1st Alternate Clifford Grout
2nd Alternate Bill Biossat

Polo Shirts, New T-shirt Colors!

The LSA is now offering polo shirts! Few can resist the delightfully soft hand and lightweight honeycomb knit texture of our 100% pima cotton polo. Crafted with 100% pima cottonone of the highest grades of cotton in the world. 6.2-ounce 100% pima cotton. The shirts have double-needle stitching throughout, flat knit collars and cuffs, locker patches, 3-button plackets, pearl buttons, side vents, and are embroidered with the LSA logo over left breast. Six polo shirt colors are available: Banana, Ivory, Light Pink, Sea Foam, Stone, and White. The embroidered logo has black lettering and black shooters over a forest green state.

The LSA is now offering our official short sleeve T-shirt in four colors: Sports Grey, Sand, Gold (new), and Military Green (new). The shirts feature a large LSA logo on the back and a small LSA logo over the left breast. The logos on the Sports Grey, Sand, and Gold shirts will feature black lettering and black shooters over a forest green state. The logos on the Military Green shirts will feature black lettering and black shooters over a white state. Long sleeve T-shirts are still available in Sports Grey and Sand featuring the LSA logos on front and back with black lettering and black shooters over a forest green state. Larger sizes of short sleeve and long sleeve T-shirts are now back in stock!

Defend Your Second Amendment Rights!

Defend Louisiana is a statewide campaign dedicated to giving Louisianians a voice in the defense of their right to protect their families.

Started by State Representative Jeff Thompson (R-Dist 8), Defend LA travels around the state collecting signatures of residents who pledge to support and defend their Second Amendment right. Defend LA and its legislative partners are also drafting legislation to be introduced in the Louisiana Legislature in the 2013 Regular Session to further protect Louisiana residents’ right to bear arms.

The pledge: “I pledge to defend the right for law abiding citizens to protect their families, and will work against attempts to restrict my right to keep and bear arms by standing up for the Second Amendment and letting my voice be heard.”

To sign up for updates, join their email list, follow them on Twitter, and find them on Facebook.

No Guns = No Money

We've all seen the signs on the door. The uninformed shop owner does not want firearms in his establishment. As law-abiding gun owners, we pass his shop in favor of a more enlightened merchant, but we have that awful feeling in our gut that makes us want to educate the uniformed.

As a Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Holder, I
• have NOT been convicted of a felony,
• have NOT been committed for the abuse of a controlled dangerous substance, am NOT an unlawful user of marijuana, depressants, stimulants, or narcotic drugs, and do NOT chronically and habitually use alcoholic beverages,
• have NOT been adjudicated to be mentally deficient or been committed to a mental institution,
• have NOT been found guilty of a crime of violence,
• am NOT a fugitive from justice, and
• HAVE been trained by a Certified Firearms Instructor
How much does that shop owner know about his other customers, particularly that criminal that could care less about his wishes and carries an illegally concealed weapon?

Now, you may download a PDF file that will allow you to print business sized cards with this exact message on them. Simply print, trim, and carry them with you in your wallet or purse. When you see the sign in the window, slip the card to the owner and go on your way. If the owner gets enough of these cards, he'll realize the amount of money he is losing to his uninformed and ill-conceived policy.

Instructions for Use:

To use the form, click the download button to the right. Once you have downloaded the PDF, you may print the cards on plain paper or card stock, and trim along the lines. Alternatively, you may purchase any plain colored business card templates made by Avery (available at most office supply stores), and use the PDF template to print onto Avery business cards.

Please remember, be polite when presenting these cards. If the shop owner wants to argue, walk away. If the shop owners wants more information, you may direct him to the LSA for more information.

LSA Bumper Stickers and Decals

When the LSA reduced the cost of membership from $20 to $10, it was decided that we could no longer afford to give away LSA decals any longer. However, several people have requested a source of bumper stickers and decals. We have partnered with Zazzle to produce a few of these items. If you would like to purchase stickers, a coffee mug, etc., please click the link to visit their site.

Hey! I Just Want a Paper Application to Join or Renew!

Click on the "Download" button to the right to open a paper application to join or renew your LSA membership.

To join or renew on-line, follow these steps:

1. If you have not already done so, create an account.
2. Log into your account.
3. On the left side the screen, find the link "LSA Membership" and click on that link.
4. Click on "LM001."
5. Look on the left side of the screen for your name, and click on your name.
6. Click "Checkout," and follow the prompts to pay with your credit card.

Thanks for supporting the LSA!